איילת רובבשי

איילת רובבשי 

Ayelet Rubabshi


Political Science Department

Faculty of Social Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


 Email: ayelet.rubabshi@mail.huji.ac.il



A bit about me:

My name is Ayelet; I am 28 years old, born and live my all life in Jerusalem. I am a PhD candidate in the Political Science department. I gradated B.A in Political Science and International Relations and started immediately to study for M.A in an Advanced Graduate Studies Program- 'Telem', a fast track PhD program in the Political Science Department at the Hebrew University. At the same time, I studies another M.A degree in Criminology in the Hebrew University. Besides study, I also love to cook and bake (especially sweets) and to do sports activity like Running, Kickboxing, Pilates and more (I even got medals for that). 


My research: Constructive Vote of No Confidence

Constructive vote of no confidence is a tool that can be use by a parliament to dissolve a government from its position in a case of dissatisfaction from its preforming. In order to do so, the parliament needs to vote by a majority against the government and in favor for a new one at the same vote. In my work, I want to demonstrate the important meaning of this tool and its effects on the relations between the executive and legislature branch. My PhD dissertation proposal accepted two month ago. Now I am writing my first chapter while continue to collect data.


Volunteer work:

During the last two years, I have been giving workshop for Bachelor's Degree underprivileged Peripherals' students at the Hebrew University. In the workshop I teach them things like how to be better students, the meaning of writing a graduate research thesis, how to choose adviser and more meaningful things that not everyone knows, especially students like me who are the first generation to be educated in their family. The main aim is to expose them to their opportunities to stay at the academia and continue study and as good as possible. I know that some of them stayed at the university for Masters' Degree and some even mange to start their Masters abroad. I see this as an important mission and hope to continue this project, to expand it to more students and even to start a new group for B.A students in the future.