Dr. Tilly Paz - Curriculum vitae


Dr. Tilly Paz




Date of birth:              5th May, 1977

Contact Details:          13 Clayton Avenue, Hassocks, BN6 8HD

                                    Telephone: 07449301203

                                    Email: tilly.vitality@gmail.com



Self-employed, “The Plentiful Diet” - Academic research, individual and group coaching

Combining research and practice, I have developed methods and techniques which encourage change in nutrition alongside change in other perspectives of personal development. Within this framework, people learn to see the choices they make in their nutrition as part of a wider scheme, which includes their emotional and cognitive systems. In my work I use highly developed research skills as well as the long term experience and intensive training to work with people who have suffered trauma.



2008-2012       Lecturer and group facilitator at the Crisis Center for Sexual Assault Victims in Tel Aviv

2009                Teaching Assistant for Prof. Leslie Sebba, Introduction to Penology

2005                Tutor, "Aleh" Society of Blind and Dyslexic Students in Israel

2003-2004       Administrative Staff of the Oxford University Schools of Examination



2015-2016       First year student, University of West London – B.Sc., Nutritional Therapy

2013                Certificate, Introduction to Healthy Eating and Nutrition – The British Nutrition Foundation

2006-2012       PhD, Faculty of Law – Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2005-2006       M.A, Program of Conflict Research - Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2000-2004       B.A, Psychology (with minors in Law and Gender studies) - Hebrew University, Jerusalem



2011-2012       Group Facilitation, 2 years course, School of Social Work, Tel-Aviv University

2010                Workshop Instructor for Sexual Harassment Prevention, Centre for Sexual Assault Victims

2006                Mediator, Israeli Centre for Negotiation and Mediation

2006                Advocate for Sexual Assault Victims in the Criminal Justice System

2005                Volunteer Training Course (6 months), Centre for Sexual Assault Victims



2012                Israel Association of University Women Scholarship, for Academic Merit (£1000)

2011                Movement of Working Women Scholarship, for Women's Leadership and Academic Merit (£1000)

2007-2010       Hoffman Scholarship for Civil Leadership and Academic Merit (£30,000)

2007                The Program of Conflict Research Prize for Academic Merit (£3600)

2006                Rector Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievements (£2000)

2005-2006       Faculty of Social Science Prize for Academic Merit (£3600)



Paz, Tilly and Amir Paz-Fuchs (2017), “Is There a Free Lunch? Normative, Nutritional and Legal Aspects of School Dinners” in Law, Society and Culture (Aeyal Gross and Yofi Tirosh – eds.)

Paz, Tilly (2015) “Beyond Legislation: Genuine Change in the Interaction between Victims of Sexual Crimes and the Criminal Law System” 48(3) Israel Law Review



2016-2017       British assosaiton for applied nutrition and nutritional therapy – Students’ representative

2015-2016       Hassocks Infant School, Hassocks – Enhancing social skills through play

2014                Hertford Infant School, Brighton – Enhancing reading skills

2013                SS Philip & James Primary School, Oxford – Enhancing reading skills

2005-2012       Centre for Sexual Assault Victims, Tel Aviv – Advocate for victims through the criminal justice system

2000                Women’s Network, Israel - One of the founders of the network’s helpline