Naama Teboul- נעמה טבול

Naama Teboul

נעמה טבול




My name is Naama and I am a PhD candidate in Dr. Zvi Peleg laboratory, at the institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics, the Faculty of agriculture, Rehovot. I have started my academic studies at the Faculty of Agriculture, doing a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Food Sciences. I have continued directly to a M.Sc. in biotechnology at Prof. Shmuel Wolf laboratory.

Aside from studies, I love sports and martial arts, in particularly Karate, which serves for me as the ultimate way of living since I was 8 years old. I also enjoy baking, drawing and learning foreign languages.

My PhD thesis concerns genetic improvement of yield and quality traits in sesame plant. My research goal is to identify and characterize genes and gene networks affecting sesame plant yields and seeds quality. Understanding the molecular basis of these traits will enable us to create high yielding varieties with enhanced nutritional values in the future

About a year and a half ago, during the work in my sesame field at the experimental farm of the faculty, I was introduced to the "traditional farming" project, initiated by Dr. Alon Samach, an associate professor at the faculty. The project goal is to enable Ethiopian-born senior citizens to return to the traditional agriculture they have left behind. I was pleased to join the project which involves (To that date) 40 seniors from Kiryat-Moshe neighborhood in Rehovot. Together we enjoy sowing, growing and harvesting vegetables and cereal crops to their own consumption. The warm relations which have been created with the people in the project increased my motivation to contribute more. Therefore, I have started to instruct a self-defense course for teenage girls at the youth center of "ELEM" in Kiryat-Moshe neighborhood. The girls are provided with self-defense technics which hopefully will raise their self-confidence and assist them to defend themselves and avoid injury in cases of need.